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In the era of rapid advancement of photonic technology in the new millennium, the demand for precision optical systems and components is growing in unprecedented speed. Aspheric Optics is well positioned and prepared to meet the challenges in this fast growing optical industry.

Established with over 15 years of solid working experience in precision lens design and manufacturing, we are equipped with the latest manufacturing facilities and design capabilities for optical systems from conceptual design through prototyping and mass production.

The core optical engineering capabilities we are actively practicing are

  1. Diffractive Optical Element (DOE) fabrication
  2. Aspheric Optics
  3. Micro-feature Optics

Diffractive optics is an advanced optical technology that achieves some very promising advantages over conventional optics as highlighted below:

  1. Extreme dispersive power for chromatic aberration correction in high performance imaging lens systems.
  2. Wavefront reconstruction capabilities enable the fabrication of laser beam pattern generators, 3D holograms and integrated optical systems.

Aspheric optical systems are recognized for their high quality imaging and non-imaging capabilities with fewer optical elements. Most of our designed lens are aspheric or hybrid (aspheric and diffractive combination) that out-perform conventional spherical glass lenses.

Micro-feature optical lenses include optical surfaces of non-continuous relief structures. They may be in the form of fresnel, TIR, microgroove, micro-lens array and diffractives. This new technology opens up a whole range of design freedom for optical systems in telecommunication, surveillance and high-definition display systems.

Aspheric Optics maintain high growth in business through sustained development of proprietary optical manufacturing technologies that allow us to meet or exceed customer expectations in delivering optical systems, subassemblies and components. They include

  1. Injection-compression molding of various polymer optical lenses.
  2. Metal optics by precision electroforming and Angstrom-level finish polishing.
  3. Dielectric anti-reflection optical coatings and metallization in protected gold, silver, chromium and aluminum.
  4. Single point diamond turning.
  5. Non-contact optical metrology, including phase-shifting interferometry.

We serve a broad spectrum of industries and support the development of optical systems for high-value added products, namely

  1. Digital imaging lenses
  2. Microdisplay projection optical engines and head-up display systems
  3. PIR motion detection lens arrays
  4. Laser optical modules for precision leveling and CD pickup head
  5. Non-imaging auto tail lights and niche solid state lighting and display

As a reliable supplier of optical components, we strive to provide our customers the highest quality service from design to manufacturing in the right time and of the right price. Our dedicated and experienced team of engineering staff welcomes your technical problems in product development and you may rely on our expertise for your outsourced optical components.

Aspheric Optics - Astro Telescopes division began business in 2002. We offered a broad range of telescope,telescope accessories and parts to the Educational Institutes and Amateur Astronomer Societies in Hong Kong.

Guiding the children to enjoy the fascinating sky can give them wisdom to choose their (own) yellow brick road. To share the joy of star gazing with Hong Kong citizens is one of our goals. Being a good Astronomical Instrument Dealer is a direct way to achieve the above ideals. We will keep your hobby as a lifetime enjoyment of our amazing universe.


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